SONUS - v2

Hectic Relief (2005), 00:04:10

Joshua Zubot
Nationality: Canada
Residence: Canada
Biography: Joshua Zubot accomplished a BFA in Electroacoustic studies at Concordia University. He composes and performs music of different genres including Electroacoustics, Jazz, Classical, Improv music, Avant-Garde and styles in between. His instruments of choice are the violin and laptop. Throughout the years he has participated in various performances and music festivals in North America, Europe and China. He plans to continue to bring his compositions and sound creations to different areas of the Arts.

Program Notes: A stereo piece for Electronic Sounds and Solo Violin. The piece is a study on the relationship of a live performer and pre-composed electronic audio. It is set up to be performed live in a concert situation with a score for the performer.
Studio of Composition: Home&Oscar Peterson Concert Hall Studio
Hardware Used:
Software Used:

Appeared In:
CEC: Sonus
CEC: JTTP 2005