SONUS - v2

Cathexis (2008), 00:01:58

Sonia Wilkie
Residence: Australia
Biography: Sonia recently completed a Master of Arts research degree at the MARCS Auditory Laboratories at the University of Western Sydney exploring cross-modal perception and combining the scientific approach of Psychology with electronic music. Her previous research examined the auditory manipulation of visual perception with the Sound-induced Illusory Flash, and other psychoacoustic studies such as Shepard Tones, Risset Patterns, and Summation and Difference tones.

Program Notes: Cathexis is a Musique Concrete work that explores various timbres and textures, ranging from smooth harmonious tones to the juxtaposed sharp grains that is underscored with a rhythmic pulse exploring the 7/ 8 pulse. The sounds were sourced from the Sonia’s local metropolitan environment, then further manipulated to disguise the nuances that enable aural recognition and enhance textural characteristics.
Studio of Composition: Home
Hardware Used:
Software Used: Pro Tools, SuperCollider

Appeared In:
CEC: Sonus
CEC: JTTP 2010