SONUS - v2

Single Origin (2010), 00:04:17

Nic McConaghy
Residence: Australia
Biography: Nicholas McConaghy is an emerging Sydney-based composer and sound artist. He started his creative career working within more conventional compositional frameworks, but now works almost exclusively within the electroacoustic domain. He has studied composition at the Australian Institute of Music BMus (Hons. Div.1) and has undertaken a residency with Mamori Art Lab in the Brazilian Amazon in 2009. Nicholas has received awards for his compositions, including both categories of the 2007 Sound Devices Composition Contest. He has also had success as a composer for film.

Program Notes: Single Origin is an acousmatic miniature created entirely from the sounds of coffee beans. As a coffee enthusiast, I am often fascinated by the process of transformation that the humble coffee bean must undergo before it is enjoyed the world over as a delicious beverage. Through a variety of transformation techniques this miniature seeks to explore the very essence of the coffee bean in its different forms. From granular and liquid, water-type textures through to lively gestural material inspired by the energy that caffeine provides.

As a composer I have enjoyed subjecting the beans to an entirely different form of decoction.
Studio of Composition: Home
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CEC: Sonus
CEC: JTTP 2010