SONUS - v2

BE(TPr->v1) (2010), 00:10:10

Aaron Oppenheim
Residence: Canada
Biography: Aaron Oppenheim is an American-Canadian Canadian-American composer and improviser currently based in Oakland (California). In 2013 he received a master’s degree in Electronic Music from Mills College, where he studied with John Bischoff, Pauline Oliveros and Fred Frith. His work primarily focuses on laptop-based improvised music and group electronic / acoustic free improvisation.

Program Notes: Long drones were created by recording various instruments (including guitar, ukelele, musical saw, accordion, melodica, trombone and voice) using a max/msp patch which only recorded when the sound exactly matched a chosen pitch. Whenever an instrument would waver even slightly off-pitch, the patch would cease recording. This resulted in clicky, glitchy drones. These drones were then mixed together into this piece. No other processing has taken place.
Studio of Composition: Home
Hardware Used:
Software Used: Max/MSP, Ableton Live

Appeared In:
CEC: Sonus
CEC: JTTP 2010