SONUS - v2

yirdaki (2009), 00:07:07

Todd Griffiths
Residence: Canada
Biography: Todd Griffiths is a Concordia University fine arts student currently completing an undergrad in electroacoustic studies. Despite a fascination with acousmatic and ambient electronic composition, Todd spends much time recording avant-garde music and playing in an improvisational didgeridoo duo. While pondering a Masters degree in electronic music therapy and completing a minor in psychology, interest in sound/brain relationships are often the driving force behind imagination and expression during the compositional process. Being involved with the Montréal Sound Map project, the creation of CESSA (Concordia Electroacoustic Studies Students Association), the ÉuCuE concert series, and the Art Matters festival have all collaborated in broadening his viewpoint on sonic arts in Canada and inspired him to pursue endeavours in the field of sound.

Program Notes: The piece is composed using strictly cut, copy, and paste. No equalization, no effects, no reverse, no reverb, no delay, no compression, no limiting. All samples are Australian yirdakis (didgeridoos) recorded by the composer.
Studio of Composition: Home
Hardware Used:
Software Used: Ableton Live

Appeared In:
CEC: Sonus
CEC: JTTP 2010

sonic art