CEC Contract

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This contract is to be used for all projects undertaken by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) / Productions electro Productions (*PeP*), including SONUS, eContact!, Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP), CD compilations, etc.


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… (hereafter referred to as the Composer), and the independent arms-length production team of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Productions electro Productions (*PeP*, hereafter referred to as the Producer), for the use of sound recording(s) of all works listed in Section B of this contract (hereafter referred to as the Composition, whether a single or multiple works).

A: Terms of Agreement

  1. The Composer guarantees that she/he is the author of the Composition, or that she/he is the Copyright Owner of the Composition, and is legally entitled to grant such permissions for the Composition as are described in this contract.
  2. The Composer hereby unconditionally grants the Producer the right to use the Composition in the projects specified in Section C of this contract. This authorization for future projects may be withdrawn at any time with five working days notice.
  3. The Composer grants permission to the Producer to use the Composition in CEC web projects (which include SONUS.ca and eContact!), and grants permission to the Producer to encode the Composition in an appropriate webformat (MP3, etc.) at the discretion of the Producer. For all other uses, the Producer will use the Composition in its submitted format, unless otherwise specified.
  4. The Composer relinquishes any claim to remuneration from the Producer or assignees for the use of the Composition.
  5. The Composer shall retain copyright and all other rights to the Composition, including, but not limited to the right to perform, present, or distribute the Composition in any fashion whatsoever.
  6. The Producer shall include the pertinent Performing Rights Society and/or Copyright information — as provided by the Composer.
  7. The Composer grants the Producer the right to edit and translate supplied texts as required.
  8. The Composer hereby declares that she/he has obtained all necessary permissions for any and all use of other authors’ texts and/or other creators’ works (including, but not limited to sampling, citation, Plunderphonics) used in the Composition, and declares the Producer, the CEC, their partners and agents free from any such claims. The Composer further declares that she/he has obtained all necessary permissions from all persons involved in the performance and/or recording of the Composition and is free to extend such permissions to the Producer as are described in this contract.
  9. The Composer hereby indemnifies the Producer and the CEC, their partners and agents free from any action or damages resulting from her/his failure to obtain such permissions or from any challenge to her/his claim to ownership of the Composition and indemnifies the Producer and the CEC, their partners and agents free from all costs incurred in any action brought against the Composition, its presentation and/or its production.
  10. This contract entails no obligation of the Producer to distribute, release or promote the Composition.

B: Composition Details

*Title(s) of the
(one composition per line)

On the next page you will be asked to provide a biography and more specific information (programme notes, duration, etc.) about the Composition for which you are granting permissions.

C: Statement of Permissions Granted

According to the selections on the lines below, I extend to the Producer the permissions listed in the Terms of Agreement in Section A of this contract.

* To use the composition(s):
for inclusion in Sonus** and on the CEC website
** Works found in SONUS are available publicly and may therefore be accessed by webradio broadcasters.
coordinated or organized by the Producer
for the following CD compilation:
for inclusion in the following project(s) (separated with commas):


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An email will be sent to you at the address provided above in which you will be asked to verify and accept the information provided.

Contract version: February 4, 2008


Productions electro Productions (PeP / CEC)
GM-500 — 1455, boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest
Montréal QC, H3G 1M8 Canada

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