Electroacoustics ?

The CEC adopts a very broad definition of 'electroacoustic', and supports any exploratory audio work made using electronic technology.

The list below should give a rough idea of the sort of work that is suitable for SONUS, but it is certainly incomplete. If you have any questions, please write to

electroacoustics/sonic art (including mixed works)
live electronics (including mixed works and laptop improv)
radiophonic/audio art
soundscape, field recording and soundwalk
idm/experimental electronica/microsound

(some translations in other languages available here)

Other promotional outlets exist for work of a commercial nature (e.g. rock, pop, country, etc), and such work is not supported by SONUS.

SONUS can only accept stereo audio works at this time. Still images may also be included; see the submission guide for details. Multichannel works, and works with video will be available in the near future.

The CEC reserves the right not to include works which fall outside the scope of this project.