Sonus is an online sound library of electroacoustics, computer music, sound art and more. This open access database has been created and is managed by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) for the benefit of the entire community.

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  • Bermudez Chamberland, Bertrand Sauvé, Blackmore, Boudreau, Boulé, Bowie, Bradt, Carandang, Chioini, Coovi-Sirois…
    39 tracks
  • Dumas, Gauthier, Gendron, Husejnagic, Kobayashi, Kozminchuk, Lavoie, Legast, Néron Baribeau, Zubot
    10 tracks
  • Basque, Björknäs, Coutu Dumont, Davies, Herring, Holtslander, Konkin, Marier, Spicer, Stewart…
    11 tracks
  • Barkin, Hollander, Kargel, Kawamoto, Lin, Male, McGarity, Murphy, Pizer, Rubin…
    10 tracks